Obama gets a bye

So now 'they' are wanting to know why PeckerGate was kept a deep dark secret till Election Day. That's a reasonable question. Certainly it would have provided some real fodder for the anti-Obamanians among us, and with good cause.

Back in the Nixonian era, Tricky Dick kept on with that 're-elect me, and I will end the war in Vietnam!' His argument against ending it then and there was over Vietnamization. We had to prepare the ARVN to stand up to the North Vietnamese. He needed time to implement his PeacePlan with Honor©™.

Of course, that was a joke, though not a laughable one, proven so by the bloodshed wrought during the fiasco of Lam Son 719, February through March of 1971. Nixon insisted, in one of his greatest lies to the American people, that it was a great victory; his sycophantic kiss-ass pal Henry Kissinger echoed that, or not, depending on the audience. Everyone else who was anywhere around it knew it was the writing on the wall. It was the last little bit after Nixon and Operation Menu, and Nixon and Laos, and Nixon and Watergate... no ... wait ... that last was still coming down the pike.

So Nixon was re-elected. 

This time around, it has been 'Re-elect me, and I will fix the economy!' And here we are.

This business with PeckerGate is more of the same; keeping things a secret so some cheap political hack who happens to occupy the Oval Office can keep his perks and power. We have our top generals sending phone-sex emails back and forth to a couple of whacko bimbos. We have one of these bimbos, a West Pointer, and a light colonel in the reserves, carrying on like a 15 year old Smile Hi cholita; we have the other, a 'socialite' with contacts among the rich, the famous, the powerful, and claiming to be 'an honorary consul general' hiding behind the curtains down in Tampa and providing huge laughs to readers of Al Arabiya News ; we have an FBI agent pulling a Weiner (scorry, couldn't help myself) with the 'consul general'; and all the psycho nonsense in between, which certainly included our two heroes, Petraeus and Allen, carrying on like a pair of high school jocks with perpetual boners. All the while they are offering We the People clich├ęd platitudes about how they are going to 'win the war.'

How many of our people died Over There, while Petraeus and Allen were getting themselves worked up in front of a laptop? I have this vision of our top generalissimos flogging their logs in front of a smeared-with-greasy fingerprints computer screen, while people are dying down in Helmand Province.

We can only wonder when these jokes in uniform found the time to actually 'manage' the war.

And no one dared say anything; these guys and their bimbos were much too powerful. One word, and anyone raising The Question(s) would be history. That's the way it always works.

And Obama, not having to face the people again, gets a bye on the whole sordid affair.

These days, when I visit a national cemetery, or when I see a VA marker in a civilian cemetery, I wonder ... '... was your sacrifice for us, for the nation ... or where you a sacrifice at the feet of the Great God of Political Expediency, like so many on The Wall?'

Our so-called 'leadership', especially the political leadership, has rarely been worthy of the sacrifices we have made.

A pox on them all.