A U.S. military official and long-time aide to Petraeus told NBC News the director resigned "because he screwed up."

"In his mind, in his views, with his code of ethics and morals, he did a very dishonorable thing," the official said. "This had nothing to do with Benghazi, nothing to do with his relationship with the White House."

Petraeus resigns over extramarital affair

I really don't care that he was dipping his wick. If that's all there was to it, I'd go with Feinstein on this.

But that statement, "In his mind, in his views, with his code of ethics and morals, he did a very dishonorable thing," is so much horsecrap. The only reason the ethics and morals thing came up was because he got caught and is trying to save a little face. That's not 'ethics and morals'. That's horsecrap. If it hadn't been for the FBI stumbling upon the little hide-the-salami games with the biographer, he'd still be doing it. And who would care, outside of Mrs. General. And maybe not even her. Who knows what kind of relationship they have, and who cares. It's their business.

But "Code of ethics and morals?"  What a joke. He could have offered almost any excuse, even no excuse, but that. It makes him sound like a Republican "Party of Family Values" Congressman.

And that's why the door shouldn't smack him on the backside as he exits, stage left.

It isn't the 'sexual pecadilloes' that put me off. If he wants to dip his wick, with someone who isn't a subordinate, and he isn't using his position and authority to coerce sex, as was, apparently, that 'issimo from the 82nd Airborne, then it really isn't any of my business. OTOH, with someone in Petraeus' position there has to be concern that she wasn't a honey trap from a 'foreign power' or even from some corporation looking for a hook for contracts. Maybe something like that was happening here. She seems to have been up to no good but what that was, remains unclear at the moment.

But if all it was, was some 'issimo carrying on with his biographer, or a stripper he met on TDY, or something like that, firing him is really unreasonable, and Feinstein is right. It then falls into exactly what Thomas Ricks is talking about in his book, 'The Generals:American Military Command from World War II to Today".  I am also mindful of Patton's famous quote that seems to pertain to the matter at hand.

So are we, in Petraeus' case, dealing with a real security 'issue', or is it just that puritanical crap we have been pushed into by the Christian Right, over the decades? We seem to lose a lot of competent people that way.

And, then, the real thorn for me is that 'ethics and honor' thing. If Petraeus' standards of personal ethics and honor were so high, what was he doing between the silken thighs of some media maggot? Falling back on that after getting caught is, in a word, horsecrap, and I cannot respect him for that.