Walmart receives scathing reviews

The 12 worst supermarkets in America

Walmart was the second from the bottom of the heap. I'm shocked ... not.

Our local Walmart seems to be setting the standard for America's Favorite Place to Shop's low scores. Have you shopped their deli lately? Last evening - as has been typical of late - the deli cases were half-empty, and what was there was pretty much a non-choice. And if you are going to shop the deli, plan on being there awhile.

The produce was pretty much picked over, and although the few bell peppers that were there were actually green rather than that odd yellowish-green-kind-of-wrinkled reject look, the Roma tomatoes were a faded, pale pinkish color.

The French bread continues to have holes in it big enough to drive a truck through.

The floors were, as usual, stained and dirty.

OTOH, the deli worker (singular) was cheerful and friendly, as was the checkout cashier. They usually are, providing the one single strong point for The Smile Hi's Walmart.

From the survey results, it would appear that it isn't just us here at Blogger Central being negative once again.

Our Walmart does suck. They all do, just some more than others.

Shop somewhere else, you say? Well ... remember all that carrying on about how Walmart was going to put everyone else out of business? The only other place left now is Safeway, and if the truth be known, it isn't much better. Prices are higher if the meat counter is better (but you do have that 'membership' to put the prices somewhere down near 'normal', sometimes); the place is dark and cramped compared to a SuperMarket of The 21st Century; the lines are usually at least as long as over in America's Favorite Place to Shop and since the aisles are more cramped and shoved in closer to the register, the whole front of the store is a sardine can on busy days.

Shop somewhere else you say? Well ... there is Sam's, over in Pueblo, which is usually a Who's Who of Smile Hi City society on any given day, especially weekends.

King Sooper's ain't no prize, over  yonder in The Steel City.

That's what happens when local services and outlets ... well ... in a word ... suck. Why is that? Because, we think, the corporate powers-that-be assume that we Hicks from the Sticks are just that, Hicks from the Sticks, and will just take whatever is dished out.

But we all go where we can get the most for our buck, no matter the long-term cost.