CASB at the Broadmoor

As many of us know, the Colorado Association of School Boards has developed the habit of holding their annual bash at Colorado's premier resort, The Broadmoor. Despite some fairly sharp criticism for such extravagance at the expense of We the Taxpayers, CASB continues to hang out at the famous luxury hotel as though it were their private club.

Oddly, only a few newspapers have picked up on this.

Here is an article from Denver-CBS4, published last May:

Education administrators live large at The Broadmoor

Here are some excerpts:

One staff member charged $30 for a room service hamburger. Another charged $48.19 for a room service delivery of a plate of chicken and a glass of milk. Still another staff member submitted a room service bill for a single $30 mahi sandwich.

“I mean the Broadmoor is the Broadmoor,” said Delay when asked about the meal expenses being passed through to taxpayers.

“The public ends up paying 30 bucks for a hamburger?” asked 4 On Your Side Investigator Brian Maass.

“That is the going rate at the Broadmoor,” said Delay.

When CASB fed 19 of its staff members lunch at the Broadmoor, the tab came out to $1,217.69 or $64 per person for lunch. Breakfast a couple of days later for 22 CASB staff members ran up a
$1,439.54 tab- that’s $65.43 per person for breakfast.

And if that ain't enough ...

“It’s a decision I’ve made that that’s a fair additional compensation piece because of the extra time, work and effort to put on a great conference for our members,” said Delay. “I made a call several years ago that it’s not inappropriate if you want to bring your spouse to this conference.”

So not only are We the Taxpayers funding the feedbag, so to speak, for school board members and others of that ilk, but also for many of their spouses as well.

So the public paid $42.30 for a CASB staff member and her husband to have a room service breakfast of double eggs Benedict and a single glass of juice. Another dinner bill for the pair came to $170 including a $38 plate of prime rib.

So ... that was in May. CASB was still being challenged over this, after several years of their bashes at The Broadmoor, and nonetheless, they still had their annual bash there again, this year.

School boards are about the most arrogant elected officials you will find anywhere. The fact that their excesses at The Broadmoor are exposed and written about year after year doesn't shame them is a pretty good indication of that. You would think they'd be ashamed of themselves, as school budgets are being cut, teachers are being laid off, programs are being eliminated ... but now they are feeding their faces with thirty dollar hamburgers, and having forty dollar breakfasts with their spouses. And the funding for that is coming out of the pockets of We the Taxpayers.

Here is another article about this fiscal stupidity:

Vindication: Mainstream media discovers Reese right about Broadmoor

The Gazette noted that some of the sessions offered were intended to instruct board members on how to lobby for increased tax revenue.

Really? For what? So school board members can move on up to Wagyu steaks?

And how about this:

Brett Reese, a former member of the school board who resigned earlier this year, said the information covered in the Gazette and then months later by CBS 4 are exactly the types of excesses he constantly tried to deal with as a board member.

“During my time on the board I brought this up every year and every year the other board members dismissed it,” Reese said. “This is just one example of how much wasteful spending there really is hidden within the school budget.”

Reese went on to note that whenever the issue was brought up he hit a wall of silence from local media outlets over the issue.

“I wrote columns to the Greeley Tribune over this issue multiple times and they not only refused to print them, they never even reported on the Broadmoor issue. However, they had no problem advocating for a tax increase to bring in more money to the district,” he said. “Expenditures like this are why residents are leery of giving this district any more money. Yet you watch, this summer they are going to say they need more money for school renovations. They need to get their fiscal house in order first."

This is the same mindset though perhaps on a smaller scale, that we saw with the GSA's shindig(s) in Vegas. I guess we're just lucky that CASB hasn't decided to try the slots.

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