Pinwheels and Panels

 State lacks strategy on alternative energy

From the article:

The commission took note of the environmental effect of the energy initiative. California's deserts are scheduled to host large-scale solar power plants that have been criticized by conservationists.

"Without more careful calibration of these policies, Californians may wind up paying more than necessary for electricity and the state may unnecessarily degrade pristine habitat in its rush to implement renewable energy goals," Hancock said in a statement.

Surprise, surprise ... California has over 13,000 pinwheels between Techapi, San Gorgonio, and Altamont Pass. It does such wonders for the desert environment. California is covering the land with pinwheels and panels, and generates 'enough to light a city the size of San Francisco.' Really? How much will have to be covered with pinwheels and panels to 'light the state?'

Up at Limon, we have a pretty good 'windfarm' started. We can only wonder what Limon will look like in a few years. All that prairie, covered with pinwheels. How about a few hundred thousand acres of solar panels?

In North Carolina, Core and Pamlico Sounds could be filled with pinwheels in order to generate ... what? Enough to 'light a city the size of Raleigh?'

And in the article, we see how the customers are getting thoroughly screwed:

In the rush to incorporate new energy sources, the state has approved 20-year power agreements that lock in "unnecessarily high prices," the report says.

"This sets the stage for a potential ratepayer revolt," the report said.