"There will be blood ..."

That, according to this article, is what Michigan rep Doug Geiss had to say just before the Michigan ledge voted to approve their 'right to work' legislation.

The final votes on the House side Tuesday deliver a blow to the labor movement in the heart of the U.S. auto industry. The measures ban unions from demanding dues from workers. 

The unions, who are more and more a pox upon the nation these days, seem to think that non-union workers should be required to pay union dues, in order to hold a job.

Another excerpt:

Coinciding with the votes were massive and noisy protests both inside and outside the Capitol from pro-union demonstrators. Thousands descended upon downtown Lansing to rally against the legislation that prohibits requiring nonunion employees to financially support unions at their workplace. 

Earlier in the day, two state school districts closed after hundreds of teachers called out, presumably to join the protests.  

FoxNews.com confirmed that the Warren school district had to close Tuesday after so many teachers called out absent; WDIV in Detroit reported that the Taylor school district had to do the same. A statement from the Warren system said that by 8 a.m. local time, 750 staff members had called out. 

Yeah, unions are a pox upon the nation. So are teachers who walk out on their students, to support such nonsense as this.

All that unionista garbage doesn't seem to be doing Michigan's students all that much good, according to this article on state rankings for math education. Michigan is 26th in the nation.

As to basic literacy in Michigan, we have this:

Horrific 10 percent literacy rate prompts ACLU to sue Michigan schools
an excerpt:

"Everybody is talking about the corruption in the school board and the deficit, but nobody is talking about literacy and the fact that 90 percent of 12th graders aren't proficient in reading." Meanwhile, the teachers are out screaming and yelling and carrying on like the unionista thugs they are. We can only imagine what the rest of the unionistas are up to. Predictably, Barack Obama agrees with the unionistas: President Obama also weighed in Monday, using a speech near Detroit to call out local Republicans. 

"These so-called 'right-to-work' laws, they don't have anything to do with economics. They have everything to do with politics," Obama said. "What they're really talking about is they're giving you the right to work for less money." 

No, Mr. President. What they are really talking about is not being held hostage by a gang of thugs, who - in the case of the teachers' unions - don't seem to be doing all that much for the inflated paychecks they are getting.

So we continue to wonder ... was that a threat on Geiss' part? Is he going to turn his unionista goons loose, in the best SEIU tradition, on those who oppose him and his pals? Is that how Rule of Law works in Michigan?

All of this prompted Leece to observe:

Do you ever feel like we're in a growing minority of people who think this way? Maybe I feel that way because these 'thinkers' are in control of the White House. Obama is not very smart about these things.

Given that union membership has dropped like the Titanic heading for the bottom, I don't think we are in the minority. However, unions have a political influence that seems all out of proportion to their numbers ... though apparently that too is diminishing like a sinking ship, as we have seen from events in Wisconsin and now Michigan.

We agree that Obama is not very smart at all. OTOH, he is not running for re-election, so he can pimp his unionista thugs all he wants. However, he is a master at conniving weaselry, in the traditional Chicago political hack sort of way. As we are seeing, it's very effective in gaining and holding power. It's worked for the Chicago machine for decades upon decades.

Speaking of Chicago-style unionista thuggery - the Michigan unionistas seem to have learned their lessons well. Here's an update:

Fox News contributor punched in face at Michigan pro-union protest

Watch the video. What a bunch of savages, are these unions. Thugs and brutes.