No more free parking at LAX?

Here's a good one:

It's less easy being green as LAX pulls the plug on free parking

These characters with the 'electric' cars have been mooching off the parking lot vendor for years. Much in the same manner as manufacturers, through subsidies, have been mooching off the taxpayer for years.

Check some of the comments:

Other than that, he says his ride is "expensive, underpowered and not really all that green," because it can run just 12 miles on electricity before switching to gas.

Seriously? This guy's 'green' car can only run twelve miles before switching to gas? And he expects free parking because of that?

How about this:

... lately it has turned the lots into a mob scene, with some electric-vehicle drivers circling the stations desperately for electricity or running extension cords while others hog the charging spaces for weeks at a time.

I can just see all these desperate ecological winners circling like buzzards, waiting to pounce on their freebie.

How about this:

If electric-vehicle drivers were to completely fill both lots that are free to them, the airport could lose $120,000 a day, totaling $44 million a year.

I suspect that most of these electric car drivers are Obamanians. I can't prove that, but it would fit, don't you think? Then they should really understand the math. It's why Obama and his henchmen are coming up with more taxes and fees than a Democrat in the Colorado Statehouse could think of. You gotta shake 'em down to get da munny. Sooner or later that comes home to roost, with a vengeance.

And here's a corker:

"I love it free—but they need to have some kind of system," he says. "Maybe a valet who can move the cars around."

This character wants the company to hire a valet, assuming the cost of such an employee ... so he can have his free parking. Now that guy should be a candidate for chairperson of the Democratic National Committee. Perhaps after the next mid-term elections, the company can hire former Republican congressclowns to serve as valets?