Obama's 'comprehensive gun plan'

Remember how Our President was going on about how we had to take 'comprehensive' look at 'gun violence'? And how that would include the violence portrayed by Hollywood's gunslingers?

Obama's 'comprehensive' look was noticeably lacking in taking a peek at Hollywood. Really light. Like, you know ... almost non-existent.

Obama/Biden gun control proposals assailed as light on Hollywood violence

 So why is that, we might all be axin'?

Well ...

Hollywood Cash: Obama 16-1 Over Mitt 

One certainly doesn't want to bite the hand that feeds One, does One? We apparently want to make Americans safe, sort of, but One must be pragmatic about it. Meanwhile, the Hollywood 'celebrities' are foaming at the mouth over gun control ... yet in their flicks, exhibit the grossest sort of hypocrisy. Kind of like Our President: 

Demand a Plan

Except, of course, every one of those 'celebrities' - read that 'far left elitist hypocrites' - is known for the mindless and glorified slaughter which which their flicks are saturated.

Nice work, Mr. President. Nice work indeed.

Save the children ... so long as it doesn't interfere with the campaign cash flow.