Wanted: New captain for US Navy minesweeper. Applicant must possess strong navigational skills and some sense of situational awareness.

"... Why a modern warship should run aground in one of very few islets in the Sulu Sea with a lighthouse is boggling.”

The Guardian ran aground back on January 17. She's still there, taking on water, listing, and the Filipinos are going alpha sierra. I sense a vacancy soon in the Navy's ship's captain ranks.

Salvage ship, tug on way to grounded minesweeper

Well ... given the findings here:

Sex is major reason military commanders are fired

Perhaps it is simple as the skipper diddling the helmsperson.

According to the article, the ship wasn't even supposed to be where she was.

She is a bit more than 'stuck' on that reef:


Every other shot I have seen - all taken from surface level - shows the ship sort of sitting there.

OTOH, this guy is alluding to map errors. Possibly as part of a grand conspiracy.

Then we have the Filipinos getting froggy:


Perhaps we are going to war? Would Teddy Roosevelt have put up with such nonsense from the wogs?

Here's another shot, with more on the chart thing, the photo apparently snapped just after the grounding:


You can see in the later shots how she has swung around and is really in the sea-going poop now.