Religious principles

 Catholic hospital argues fetuses are not people

Would you compromise religious doctrine to win a lawsuit? The Colorado-based Catholic Health Initiatives appeared to do so in order to win a malpractice suit, arguing that it could not be held liable in a wrongful-death suit because "a fetus is not a person." That would appear to contradict Catholic doctrine that life begins at conception. Jeremy Stodghill filed the suit against the chain that ran the hospital where his wife, Lori, died while pregnant with twins. CHI's lawyers argued that the hospital was not liable for the deaths of the unborn twins because Colorado's Wrongful Death Act applies only to "those born alive." Two judges have already sided with CHI's lawyers

So ... it's all about da munny? The mouthpeeces took advantage of Colorado law to protect the hospital. OK, that's what mouthpeeces do. And that's what the law is. And so much for Catholic principle. So much for the Catholic position on whether or not a fetus is a human being or something else. So much for the staunch stand on principle as to whether or not a fetus is a human being.  It is a human being, until it is fiscally convenient for it not to be. Now ... let's hear some more about how the Church - or Christian employers in general - cannot be forced to fund contraceptives because doing so violates their religious principles.

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Bishops will review Catholic hospital's malpractice suit defense

The Catholic Church has fought for decades to change federal and state laws to protect fetuses as persons. Yet, according to court documents, Catholic Health Initiatives argued in this case that the Colorado Wrongful Death Act requires the death of a person and the statute doesn't include the death of a fetus that wasn't born or delivered.

"The defendants argue that to be a 'person' one must at some point have been born alive," wrote District Judge David M. Thorson. "The plaintiffs, on the other hand, argue that a viable fetus who dies in utero should be considered a 'person' for purposes of the wrongful death statute."

Interesting, isn't it, that the bishops only recently became aware of the suit and the deaths.  I'm sure the church had no idea that they might be on the hook for the big $$$$, no, not at all.  The Catholic church doesn't pay any attention to money issues, not at all.

They got caught playing both sides and now are coming to terms with it and trying to save face.  Lotsa luck.  With their track record on dealing with pedophile priests, they ain't gotta prayer of sweeping this one under the carpet.

Here they had a great opportunity to turn the other cheek and say... "Hey, we've been told that legally (by the laws of man) we have an out due to the secular definition of when life begins.  We cannot accept that as it goes against everything we believe in.  We will defend the matter, if necessary, on other grounds but we will not compromise either our beliefs or values for..."

But they didn't. Because, of course, the bishops had no idea ... 

Meanwhile, we all know how so many evangelicals think the Catholics are papist heathens ... but the evangelicals have no fingers to point when it comes to 'religious principles.' They sold their souls in the last election, when the Protestant Pope, Billy Graham, gave his blessing to Mitt Romney:

Graham gives blessing to Mitt Romney

Romney did all but kiss Graham's ring in this pathetic example of 'principles' being flushed in the name of political expediency.

Do I think Mormons are a 'cult?' No, I don't. This whole thing about Romney's Mormonism should never have been an 'issue', just as John Kennedy's Catholicism should never have been an issue. But it was.

The insufferable arrogance of the 'Christian' Right

Way back before the 2008 election, the 'Christian' Right was on a continual rant over Obama's alleged 'Muslimism.' Good God-fearing Christians could not vote for a Muslim, you see. And that stream of garbage has continued through this day. Then, enter from stage right, a Mormon candidate. For decades, the Protestants especially have held the Mormons in contempt, considering them nothing more than a cult, non-Christians, on a one way track to hell.

Until it became a matter of political convenience.

So much for 'religious principles.'

Let's get back to the really important business of making a big show of those 'religious principles', over Obamacare and contraception.