Heresies! Evolution vs the Bible!

My three favorite 'heretics' are at it again.

Thomas Jay Oord is a professor of theology at Northwest Nazarene University. We came across him whilst Leece was working on her master's.

Oord has a blog, here. It's broken down into several major areas. One of these is 'Theology and Science.'

He has some recent posts in that Theology and Science area that are pretty good, in which he takes a look at the conflict between science, biblical literalists, and evangelicals, who may or may not be literalists, though the majority seem to be.

Here are some:

Nazarenes exploring evolution

Evolution and the Bible

The Bible and Evolution

Along those general lines, Peter Enns has several good blog posts up as well:

The deeper scandal of the evangelical mind: We are not allowed to use it

His main Patheos page is here.

And then we have Rachel Held Evans, who writes:

The scandal of the evangelical heart

Oh ... but wait! There's more!

Richard Beck writes on this as well:

Experimental Theology: Orthodox Alexithymics

an excerpt:

Orthodox alexithymia is produced when the intellectual facets of Christian theology, in the pursuit of correct and right belief, become decoupled from emotion, empathy, and fellow-feeling. Orthodox alexithymics are like patients with ventromedial prefrontal cortex brain damage. Their reasoning may be sophisticated and internally consistent but it is disconnected from human emotion. And without Christ-shaped caring to guide the chain of calculation we wind up with the theological equivalent of preferring to scratch a doctrinal finger over preventing destruction of the whole world. Logically and doctrinally such preferences can be justified. They are not "contrary to reason." But they are inhuman and monstrous. Emotion, not reason, is what has gone missing.
(In my opinion, hard-core, double-predestination Calvinism looks just like this. An icy, monstrous and alexithymic theology.)