Nine bucks

I tried watching the SOTU last evening. I really did. But I find I cannot stand Obama's condescending, patronizingly smug superiority for more than a few minutes at a time. So I waited for the transcript. That filters out most of the visual crap.

How 'bout that $9/hour minimum wage?

I guess he hasn't figured out the difference between running a small business, which cannot borrow unlimited amounts for indefinite periods, and running the Federal government, which operates under no such limitations.

Small businesses have these things called budgets. Obama and the Democrats, and a goodly number of Republicans for that matter, apparently haven't figured out the budget concept yet.

But your average small business has only so much money. Some years more money than in other years, but it's never unlimited.

If XYZ Donuts and Bagels has enough money to hire three employees at $7.25/hour, and has a budgeted amount for payroll that will cover those three employees at that pay rate ... and the federal government comes in and says to the owner of XYZ Donuts and Bagels, "OK, now, you bourgeois oppressor of the proletariat, you now have to pay your employees $9/hour" what do you think that does to the payroll budget?

So what happens is that our bourgeois oppressor of the proletariat ends up laying off one of those three employees. The two lucky dogs remaining get to divvy up the sacrificed worker's paycheck.

Of course, it doesn't have to be that way. Our bourgeois oppressor of the masses is clearly rich beyond belief, so he should give up some of that money he has fleeced from the proletariat masses and maybe even hire another employee at $9/hour, rather than laying one off.

That would be fair, don't you think?

Or ... silly moi ... I've missed the obvious. Our capitalist bourgeois oppressor of the proletariat masses could always raise prices. But then ... what if customers decided that wasn't working for them?

Why is it that every time our beloved president gives a speech, I feel like breaking out into a hearty rendition of "L'Internationale?"