Otero Republicans speak with forked tongues ...

Saturday evening the Otero Republicans enjoyed their Lincoln Dinner bash. Scott Gessler, our secretary of state, was the guest speaker.

One of Gessler's most memorable lines from Saturday evening:

"Being a conservative, you don't take money from people that you don't need. People do a better job of managing their own money than government does."

Ed Hunnicutt was among the local dignitaries giving welcoming comments. Hunnicutt is vice-chair of the Otero Republicans.

I wonder how Hunnicutt rationalizes Gessler's views with his own. For example, at Thursday's Urban Renewal Board meeting, Hunnicutt was - according to the Tribune-Democrat - all for taking other peoples' money. So, in fact, was Lorraine Melgosa. Remember all those Tea Party extravaganzas down at the Santa Fe Plaza and other places, where Otero Republicans were going on about all this government taxing and spending? Apparently neither Hunnicutt nor Melgosa recall any of that.

One of the most outspoken and eloquent speakers was Lorraine Melgosa, candidate for Otero County Commissioner in the recent elections. She lives in Manzanola but is interested in business prospects in La Junta. Also, she said outside money helps to revitalize the economy fourfold for each dollar gained. Grants are outside money. We should take into consideration towns like Fort Collins, Pueblo and Florence, that have not hesitated to use grant money.

Aside from the fact that Melgosa sounds like Obama making a pitch for a bailout ... it's 'outside money' so we should take it? Because it's from somewhere else, it's OK to take it from the people to whom it belongs? Most of that grant money is from the state. It's from tax revenues. It's from taxpayers. It's money that the state government has taken from the taxpayers.Some of it might even be from Otero County, but we're looking at a minimum of $1.3 million to 'revitalize' the Tabares building, most of which is going to come from grants funded by tax revenues, or from matching funds generated from TID taxation. Do we really need all that money to fix up a pile of rotting timber and brick - just because it's, like, you know ... old? Is that why the state and federal governments take money from We the People? Is that why Urban Renewal sucks up all that money from the TID?

What happened to all those Republican principles about taxes?

What about all those Tea Party values Hunnicutt likes to go on about?

Gessler's correct. People can do a better job of managing their own money. Too bad the Otero Republicans didn't get the message. OTOH, it sure proves that Obama is right ...no ... wait ... not Obama ... Orwell. Orwell ... yes ... his closing lines for "Animal Farm." Yep.

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