Giron v. Magpul

Actually, it's the Colorado Democrats against Magpul  and  those of us who own and like owning firearms - which almost certainly includes some Democrats among the unwashed masses, but Giron is the one who has the focus, since she turned out to be the swing vote in the Senate on HB1224.

Her vote on the magazine capacity limit should come as no surprise to southeastern Colorado, where Giron is fast gaining a reputation for being both anti-jobs and anti-southeastern Colorado. Her vapid reasoning for killing SB63 put the capstone on that. We can only hope that it is also the tombstone for a flash-in-the-pan political career.

Two days before her vote on the magazine capacity bill, Giron fled the scene. She was nowhere to be found as constituents showed up for her regularly scheduled town meeting over in Pueblo. Perhaps she was too busy scratching the ears of the governor's pooch.

Meanwhile, Giron and Senate President John Morse are having semi-hysterical hissy fits over Giron being 'threatened' by Ray Stafford, the general manager of the Pueblo Chieftain.

Giron and Morse reacted in the same manner as does our beloved president, when he feels that the press has not been properly worshipful.

Disagreement with people like Giron, Morse, and Obama constitutes an 'attack.' Or a 'threat.'

I suppose that by the standards of Giron and Morse, this blogpost constitutes a 'threat.'

Meanwhile, the hypocrisy of Giron and her accomplices in the General Assembly is beyond reason: Rep Joe Salazar, a Democrat from Thornton, was the mastermind behind what I've taken to calling 'the Magpul Amendment' to the House bill. When Magpul threatened to pull out of Colorado if the bill passed, taking all those jobs to Texas or some other state, the Democrats seem to have realized they had stepped into the poop. So Salazar introduced the amendment wherein Magpul could have continued to manufacture the magazines and sell them out-of-state, just not here in Colorado.

So much for that high moral sense that Giron and her cronies make so much noise over. They think the magazines are evil incarnate, contributing to insane levels of violence in our communities ... but it's OK to keep jobs in the state and collect taxes from the manufacturer and the employees, so long as the Evil Things are sold to people in other communities. Screw them, in other words.

Is it really about community safety? Apparently only to a point. Well, we know now that Giron has a price, don't we? If she and her Democrat pals really believe that high-cap magazines are such threats to public safety, they are willing to sell out - as we see in the Magpull Amendment - and the hell with people in other states. So much for high moral standards. Our state Democrats are practicing political prostitution in its crassest form.

On the other hand, we here at BloggerCentral can only wonder when, given the strange morality evident in the thought processes of Giron, Morse, and Salazar, they will come up with a new jobs creation scheme - "The Gulag Bill."  Yep. We have some empty prisons here in Colorado. Following the thinking of Colorado's Democrats, anyone who disagrees with them is either threatening them - or is just crazy - so let's use those empty prisons as a sort of Colorado Gulag to house us all. Think of the jobs that will create! And it worked so well for the Soviets!

Is Giron really the best Pueblo can offer the state as a legislator? Really?