John Morse, Angela Giron, and 'threats'

As we all know by now, John Morse and Angela Giron are vapor-locking over what they call 'threats' from Ray Stafford of the Pueblo Chieftain toward Giron, for her position on the gun control bills recently passed by the General Assembly.

The state's Democrat lawmakers understand threats very well, as they are very good at making them.

When Colorado sheriffs had the temerity to question our brilliant political leadership, they were threatened by that leadership, in no uncertain terms.

Excerpted from El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa's commentary, "An injustice against our citizens":

To add insult to injury, the following Wednesday, I received an email containing the following language from a member of County Sheriffs Of Colorado: “…I have been advised by a reliable source at the Capitol that the Dems are seriously not pleased with the CSOC positions on the gun bills, and given the potential for a real salary bill to be introduced as you shall see from a follow-up email from” (an unnamed sheriff), “support of SB197 would put us in a more favorable light for salary bill support from the Dems. I do not believe we would be sacrificing our principles or positions on the other gun bills by supporting SB197.” “...Please let us know what you think on this proposal ASAP as I need to get a letter from us to the Senate Dems before the close of business today.” As I see it, senate Dems have made it known, “sheriffs, obey or no pay for you.” The first word that comes to my mind is extortion. Again, I’m disheartened that the pay of sheriffs is threatened to gain compliance with the majority party leadership. Local elected officials’ pay is set by the legislature as stated in Colorado Law. The previous governor’s process brought the need for a pay increase before the legislature and that legislature is attempting to buy compliance. I have great admiration for my fellow sheriffs; they are true professionals with high morals and principles. Having served with many of them for years, I can say they are men of honor with a passion to serve and do what’s right. I will not speak for them, but I personally will not concede to these threats, stand by while coercive acts such as this go without mention, nor will I compromise my values and beliefs for a justified pay raise based on studies performed by a bi-partisan commission formed by the democrat leadership. To be clear, this salary recommendation would have no affect on me, as I am term limited. Setting salaries is the responsibility of the legislature. This authority should not be used as a tool of coercion, but unfortunately it appears to have become such a device and there is nothing to suggest otherwise." 

So it seems that if a citizen exercises the provisions of the state Constitution in Article II Section 24, that citizen is now 'making threats.' That part of the Constitution reads:

Right to Assemble and Petition

The people have the right peaceably to assemble for the common good, and to apply to those invested with the powers of government for redress of grievances, by petition or remonstrance.

What we are seeing from the sheriffs, Ray Stafford, and we hoi polloi is 'remonstrance.' The Dems better get used to it, because it's just beginning.

Yet the Democrats of the Colorado Senate are resorting to extortion to bring our county sheriffs to heel.

This is 'leadership?'

When do we open the Colorado Gulag?

If the Colorado Republican Party weren't in such a state of disorganized incompetence, we wouldn't be having this stuff rammed down our throats. There would be some balance of power.