John Morse: Ignore them

John Morse is president of the Colorado Senate. Here is the now famous - or infamous, depending on your point of view - excerpt from his interview with Rachel Maddow of MSNBC:

Morse is apparently channeling Abe Lincoln these days, but we gotta say, Morse has a very skewed perception of Lincoln and public opinion. He should read up on the relationship between Lincoln, Horace Greeley, and the New York Tribune. Then there is this little tidbit:

. As President, according to journalist Noah Brooks, "Lincoln found time to read the newspapers, or, as he sometimes expressed it, 'to skirmish' with them. From their ephemeral pages he rescued many a choice bit of verse, which he carried with him until he was quite familiar with it." Historian Gabor Boritt noted that "a chief means of his listening was the press as digested by his assistants, and it was through the press that he could shape public opinion."

which is excerpted from Michael Burlingame, Lincoln Observed: Civil War Dispatches of Noah Brooks, February 19, 1865, p. 139 and Noah Brooks, Washington, D.C. in Lincoln's Time: A Memoir of the Civil War Era by the Newspaperman Who Knew Lincoln Best, p. 261.

Basically, don't bother with listening to opinion, either in the fishwrappers or from your constituents, because they're wrong and have nothing worth listening to. It's OK to do that, Morse thinks, because he wrongly thinks Lincoln didn't read newspapers. But he did read newspapers, and he had his staff read newspapers and summarize the information for him, and he used the newspapers to form public opinion. If you're going to channel Lincoln, Senator Morse, at least flip to the correct channel, please. Or is this just another example of how stupid you think we all are?

This is the guy who led the charge to ram through HB1224 and the other so-called 'gun control' measures that Morse and his accomplices in the General Assembly recently passed.

HB 1224 is the bill limiting magazine capacity. Morse and his cronies started out with wanting to ban magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds (they call them 'bullets', but let's not be pedantic about it) of ammunition. No one seems to know how or why they determined that 10 rounds was the cutoff point between an acceptable capacity and one that posed an unreasonable - and apparently 'unreasoned', given Morse's view that we who oppose him are whackjobs - threat to Colorado's communities.

That reasoning turned out to be flexible, because they upped the offensiveness capacity to 15 rounds in the final bill.

The basic magazine capacity for an M16/AR15, at least in my day, was 20 rounds. What we used to do was stick a piece of plywood between two magazines and tape them together, either side-by-side or inverted. The plywood provided a spacer to allow for the magazine well, but we had a 40 round capacity then. Some of the more inventive among us did it with three mags, but I found that a bit unwieldy. But all that's another story.

So they've managed to reduce the capacity from 20 rounds to 15 on the basic magazine, whilst banning new acquisition (Morse is graciously allowing we whackjobs to keep the mags we already have) of anything with higher capacity.

So now we tape 15 rounders together to make 30 rounders. Or are electrical tape and plywood going to be illegal, too?

'Law enforcement' can still obtain high cap mags. But in Colorado, most of the podunk PD's and SO's require their officers to purchase their own weapons and equipment. If a police officer buys a 30 round magazine for 'official use' for his personally-owned AR15 ... when he quits or retires, can he keep it? It would be, after all, the officer's personal property. Morse and his cronies apparently haven't thought of that.

But the real thing here is the flexibility of Morse's high morals and righteous indignation. That's explicit in Joe Salazar's "Magpull Amendment," the one where the Democrats amended HB 1224 to allow Magpul to continue to manufacture high capacity magazines up yonder in Erie, Colorado, so long as they didn't sell them to Colorado's non-military and non-LE whackjobs. It's OK to sell these engines of destruction outside of the state, because, apparently, Morse and his cronies don't care if said engines of destruction rain down death and mayhem on non-Coloradans, so long as they get the tax revenues from Magpul.

Of course, the whole thing about 'engines of destruction' or whatever Morse et al want to call them is utter nonsense in any case; it's all emotional pukery with no basis in reasoned thought.

And who is /are the whackjobs here?