NRA Beats Major Gun Proposals?

That's the title of this article on FoxNews' main website page this morning.

It's good to know that the NRA is still good for something besides inviting America's whackiest loons from the farthest right side of the political spectrum to hold 'rallies' at their confabulations.

From Wayne LaPierre:

"They can call me crazy and whatever else they want, but NRA's nearly 5 million members and America's 100 million gun owners will not back down — not now, not ever." 

"Call me crazy?"

Wayne. Dude. You bring it on yourself.

You and the NRA are not going to win this fight over the long term until you realize that not everyone who owns a gun, and who believes that the Second really ain't about duck-hunting, does not have to be a chalk-sniffing, flag-waving, self-styled all-American 'super-patriot' in the sense of the far right.

I even know some Democrats who - despite the recent nuttiness on the part of the Colorado Democrats - are against the recent affronts to our rights as free citizens.

Some of them are even in Congress.