Obama is Satan ... spelled backwards!

Well, not really.

But History Channel has this series going on now, 'The Bible.'

Satan has made his appearance in the series, as one might suspect he eventually would.

No sooner than that happened, than the Chalk-Dust-Sniffer-in-Chief, Glen Beck, and a good many others, pulled a 7th-grade type 'OMG!"

They think the fellow who plays Satan looks like Obama:

I suppose that if one is already predisposed to consider The One to be a Satanic influence, the connection might be easy to make.

History Channel and the show's producers deny this, of course.

So I wonder why Beck didn't pick up on the similarity when Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni played Hassan in the most recent remake of 'The Four Feathers?'

Of course, 'The Four Feathers' may be too intellectually challenging for the likes of Beck and his hangers-on ... but Ouazanni did play Leah's husband in the rather bad remake of  'The Ten Commandments,' over which you might expect every fundie biblical literalist to be swooning, and no one noticed this glaringly obvious, almost beyond belief, prophetic (I think it might be mentioned in Revelation) similarity then.

Well ... given the Republicans soul-searching report released yesterday, we can only wonder when the RNC is going to nominate Beck as the chairperson. That would go a long way toward helping them maintain the connection with their 'core constituency' while they 'reach out' to women, API's, African-Americans, and gays, and 'others.'  No mention of Muslim-Americans there.

I would say the Republicans have their work cut out for them. It's going to be hard to convince those groups that the party cares about them, when they have some fundamentalist candidate going on about how the gays are all going to rot in hell forever, being the abominations they are, and how all those Muslim-Americans are really, like, you know ... probably terrorists or something.