Recalling Giron

Gessler gives GOP a primer on recalling Giron

What Gessler should be doing is giving the GOP a primer on how to win a basic election.

You'll all no doubt recall (no snickers, please) that Giron was appointed in August 2010 to fill in when Abel Tapia left to take the head dog position with the Colorado Lottery.

Giron had little to no political experience when she then ran against Vera Ortegon in November 2010. That experience was limited to serving as an aide to Ken Salazar and Michael Bennet, and of course, whatever she picked up through osmosis through being the spouse of Pueblo councilman Steve Nawrocki.

Ortegon had been a Pueblo councilperson for 4 years, and had served on the water board for 11.

Yet Giron still whacked Ortegon by 4500 votes.

2010 was the year the Republicans presented such winners for our consideration as Ken Buck, ship-jumpin'  Tom "Ol' 1Y" Tancredo, and Dan Maes. And of course, we cannot forget the wonderful experience we had with the brilliant leadership of the Otero Republicans, which leadership seems not to have changed one whit for the better. Perhaps the Pueblo Republicans have their wits somewhat more about them, though I ain't holdin' my breath.

We can only hope that if the Republicans try a recall, they present a candidate that doesn't sound like a raving lunatic of a right wing fundamentalist who thinks God is literally on his side, serving up fresh cups of Tea to the righteous.

We can only hope, but we ain't bettin' a nickel, much less the paycheck.

The Republicans' Chernobyl