Mitch McConnell misses a chance at PMS

Operative claims liberal group Progress Kentucky behind secret McConnell recording

It's beginning to look like Butthead and Beavis just walked into the building, and stood there in the hall with their iPhone, and recorded the whole thing.

The whole affair just illustrates what losers both parties are. The Republicans, for their slimy commentary and lack of comptetence in running their 'campaign headquarters' and the Dems, for their dumb tactics.

The Repubs look totally clueless:

McConnell campaign manager Jesse Benton told Fox News that there is a video camera in the lobby where anybody would have to pass through to get to the second floor, where the meeting in question took place.

"They certainly were not authorized to be there, if they were indeed there," Benton said of the Progress Kentucky operatives. 

"... not authorized to be there ..." implies that there was some kind of security in place, to prevent the unwashed masses and Democrats from just wandering in and having a good listen.

So how did a couple of Dem operatives manage to wander in, up to the second floor, and stand in the hall listening, recording with a phone ...

and no one noticed?

Benton sounds like an incompetent buffoon. He's so busy pointing fingers everywhere that he has completely missed that he and McConnell and their henchmen sound like a bunch of spoiled frat boys punking the opposition for the election of the chapter Beer Monitor.

Hey Benton ... Mitch ... guys, how about a couple of cheap shots about PMS and women candidates? Were you so busy trashing the opposition over mental health issues you missed that one?