Shame on the GOP

We've been hearing the flag-waving super-patriots of the GOP making all kinds of noises about the Obamanian Decision not to consider Tsarnaev an 'enemy combatant.'

There is nothing tying Tsarnaev to any group as an actor in the Boston bombings. Unless, of course, the lack of such connection is all part of a vast left-wing conspiracy ...

The GOP wants to deny a US citizen his Constitutional rights so they can be free of such constraints in order to extract 'intelligence' from Tsarnaev.

I have always believed that the biggest internal threat to this country is not the far left, but the far right. We have a history of dancing with facists; all you have to do is examine political activity and associations in the first part of the 20th century and through the McCarthy witch hunts to see that.

Mix that far right borderline fascism with religion, and you get a far more dangerous combination than mere socialism. Though I have yet to hear The Inquisitors invoke the name of God in their righteously patriotic quest for 'intelligence,' the inability of the GOP to separate religion from their political platform and agenda is enough to suggest that they think they are on a mission from God.

John McCain, of all people, should know better than this. After all the time he spent in Hoa Lo prison - the Hanoi Hilton - you would think that he, of all people, would understand what this nation stands for ... and it isn't playing games with the Constitution so the government can extract 'intelligence.'

I believe we will find there is more than enough evidence to legitimately allow our criminal justice system, despite its 'issues', to put Tsarnaev away for the rest of his life. Perhaps he'll even get the death sentence, though from my perspective, the idea of him sitting in his little cell at ADX Florence for the rest of his miserable life seems a much more fitting Final Solution to the Tsarnaev 'problem.'

McCain and his henchpersons, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte, will just have to put their waterboarding tools, rubber hoses, pliers, electrodes, and what-have-you away for another day and another opportunity.

Shame on McCain. Shame on Graham. Shame on Ayotte. And shame on the GOP.