Meanwhile ... Mark Hillman writes

Here is Brother Mark's latest tidbit:

Democrats keep sticking it to rural Colorado

In the last paragraph, he writes:

Perhaps Democrat leaders in Denver have concluded that they can write off rural Colorado and the voters who live here. This bill certainly gives us one more reason to think so.


What do we need? A slap across the chops with a dead fish, ala Rahm Emanuel?

The Democrats have concluded they can write off rural Colorado, because rural Colorado tends to vote Republican, at least at the state and federal levels. "Tends" leaves some wiggle room, but by and large that's what happens. The rest of the state clearly has different values, but not necessarily bad ones.

If the Republican party were not so irrelevant, and so incompetent, it might be different.

But they keep on goin', like the Energizer bunny, with the likes of the Republican committee here in Otero County and in other counties.

And rather than do anything about it, the state GOP defends this nonsense, and leaves it in place.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over, with the same unsatisfactory results.

Meanwhile, we can take the New Republican Manifesto and use it for toilet paper, for all that 'the base' will learn from it.

Further meanwhile ... Leece makes the observation: "If Hillman could drop the us versus them rhetoric, he would be much better. Just stick up for the people."

But Hillman and the rest of those 'theys' are not going to do that, are they.