I am practicing being outraged. Outraged, I tell you! I'm working myself up to a fine state of volcanic rage!

I received this from Rince Preebum or whatever his name is, the fellow who is now the RNC chairperson, and who is going to remake the GOP into A Party That Appeals To We Little People:

While millions of Americans are set to suffer the consequences of Obamacare, Democrats in Congress are trying to find a way to exempt themselves and their staffs from the health insurance exchanges set up by this horrible legislation.
We have always known this law is a disaster, and now Democrats want special treatment while middle class Americans continue to bear the brunt.

If Obamacare isn't good enough for Harry Reid and his staff, it isn't good enough for us!

Sign the petition today and tell Congress that all Americans should be exempted from Obamacare.

They left out the part about "If you are a real red-blooded American you will forward this immediately to 100 friends. Otherwise you must be a PHONY MUSLIM SOCIALIST PRICK!!!!! with a FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!", or something similar. But there's enough of that going on over on the Todd Starnes commentaries.

It's good to see that the GOP is paying attention to its Great Leap Forward manual.I wonder if it has occurred to any of the Republican 'leadership' to actually read it.

You'll notice there is no source cited for their claim. I wonder if they get Glen Beck to write this crap for them.

Meanwhile, I'm working myself up to a state of OUTRAGE! OUTRAGE, I tell you.I'll watch Bill O'Reilly this evening and let him put a fine polish on it.

Further meanwhile, don't forget to click on the link and Let Congress Know Where You Stand, and that you too are OUTRAGED!

Does the Republican Party really do a fine job of getting idiots to run their show, or what? I realize that 'idiots' is, like, ad hominem-ish name-calling, but it's OK this time, because I am, like, you know ... righteously OUTRAGED!


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