So the recall efforts against Giron and John Morse are in full swing.

I don't think they have a chance, at least the one against Giron.

But I'm glad to see these efforts, and if I were a constituent of either, you can bet your last dollar that not only would I have been an early signer, but I'd also be out there working the streets as well.

The bills passed by the General Assembly, and signed into law by our governor, are perfect examples of what is meant by 'arbitrary and capricious.'

Like Obamacare, which our Congresscreatures did not read before they passed it, it is fraught with stupidities and inanities. Most of these are covered in the lawsuit brought by 54 of the county sheriffs of the state.

The one that really illustrates this is the limit on magazine capacity. First they wanted to limit that to 10 rounds. Then they went back and forth over it finally settling on 15 rounds. There is no information as to how or why they arrived at that figure as the one that will make the state 'safer.' They pulled it out of their backsides.

We see the same thing about how they 'adjusted' the original bill from banning the manufacture of such magazines to allowing the manufacture but not the sale thereof. Someone pointed out to these characters, Morse and Giron being chief among them, that we have at least one such manufacturer in the state, one that employs a fair number of people, and one that brings in a fair amount of tax revenue for them - Morse and Giron - to spend on whatever porky project has their attention for the moment.

So they changed the bill to allow Magpul - the outfit that makes these death-dealing implements of destruction - to make them in Colorado, but only sell them out-of-state.

How's that fit in with this 'concern for public safety?'  Clearly Morse and Giron don't mind if these death-dealing implements of destruction are used to wreak mayhem on other populations in the nation, so long as they get Magpul's tax money to spend.

We have a General Assembly peopled with a large number of knee-jerks who don't have the sense to consider the ramifications of the bills upon which they vote, and send to the governor.

They do indeed need to be recalled.