But it's a really nice field ...

We seem to be having a bit of a dustup over in the Otero R-1 school district, with the teachers wanting more money and the school board saying they can't afford it:

Most of the four million reserve is tied up in obligations, such as the new Tiger Field. The actual reserve fund is 1.4 million not restricted. The school district is spending more than it takes in.

Back when Tiger Stadium or Tiger Field or whatever it is was being considered, and then being built, I was wondering why the district was so willing to spend so much on an athletic field. After all, they were closing one school building and consolidating the middle school and the high school in one facility. That was because the student population had been declining steadily and fiscal intake was dropping. The population of the district, the population that pays property taxes, had also been declining steadily.

But it was, apparently, a 'must have,' so now we have it.

And the teachers want a raise, and it doesn't look like that's going to happen. It's simply a matter of what the school board and the rest of the influential power hitters and string-pullers consider to be most important.

Another thought ... if a 'reserve' is tied up in 'obligations,' is it really a 'reserve?'

And we can only wonder if yet once again, the school board is going to have their party up at the Broadmoor:

CASB's party at the Broadmoor
School Daze
High times at the Broadmoor
No right to speak
Meanwhile, as all this is going on, Dee tells me that it's going to cost her about $150 to register the grandkids for school this year ... not counting any club/organization fees. But it's a very nice stadium, and what's a few thou at the Broadmoor in the overall scheme of things?

It really is a very nice field, and I'm sure all the power-hittin' Tiger alumni in the center section are pleased as punch.

So ... are the parents going to organize a big bake sale in the lobby of the Broadmoor, for the next CASB meeting?That would be a good way to raise money for those fees.

Note: All this aside, I'm having a real problem working up much sympathy for the teachers and their pay raises. I don't know of anyone who has gotten a raise in the last several years. Our mayor is fond of referring to those who are 'on fixed income' every time we hear about utilities rates being raised. Who isn't on fixed income these days? Most of us are just glad to have jobs much less pay raises. 

But it's a very nice field.