"I'm not going to hide ..."

But Snowden, the 'hero' who outed the NSA's phone records scheme, seems to be doing just that:

As Justice Department officials consider charges against Edward Snowden, the former CIA employee who claims to be source of classified leaks, the whereabouts of the 29-year-old computer expert appear to be unknown after he reportedly checked out of his Hong Kong hotel.

Snowden is being touted as a 'hero' by the unholy and unlikely Dynamic Duo of Michael Moore and Glenn Beck, as well as millions of others who apparently remain completely clueless regarding the hows and the whys of what the NSA was doing with their 'pen register' operation.

Eliot Ness would have envied the phone records operation. Would that he could have done this back when he was chasing down Al Capone. But things were so much simpler back then. CongressCreatures like Issa and his henchmen could posture and pose, but they could not do so for such large audiences with such ease. Speaking of Issa ... can you imagine the righteous wrath from him and his pals were Al Qaeda or some other murderous outfit to pull off another major 'public safety event'? I can just hear it now: "Mr (insert name of squirming government minion of your choice) where was your organization and what were you doing while AQ was running up their Verizon bill plotting and scheming?"

Meanwhile, though FoxNews continues to do its best to fan the flames of outrage among its followers, CNN and the rest of the 'news' outlets seem to be giving it another one of their journalistic yawns.

Has anyone considered that Congress is 'outraged' over this because they fear the NSA can follow their calls  for booking 'escorts' and other interesting activities?

Has anyone considered that none of the 'journalists' were 'outraged' about any of this until it became apparent Eric Holder's boys and girls were keeping on eye on them, as well as we hoi polloi?

Now even the editorial board of the New York Times has joined the buzzard-like feeding frenzy, issuing a statement in which they said the Obama administration has lost all credibility on this issue.

Really? Where have you guys been the last several years?