The consummate integrity of the FBI

Check this story:

Head of Milwaukee FBI office is reassigned after refusing to testify in court

an excerpt:

Carlson is accused of trying to influence a subordinate’s testimony on whether the FBI refused to give an Army veteran a job because of his disabilities.

The Office of Inspector General is investigating what could become a criminal case, the Journal Sentinel reported.

So cute little Terry was 'reassigned.'

Would you like to know what she is doing now?

She is a deputy assistant director of the FBI, at Quantico. That's where the FBI academy is located. Perhaps she is teaching ethics to baby agents.

You think that's something? Check this:

The FBI: No margin for love?

Some excerpts:

Joe Demarest, the Bureau's Big Apple top gun, is the latest G-man to have his life complicated by matters of the heart. In January, 2009, FBI Director Robert Mueller thought so highly of the high-strung Demarest, a lean, crew-cut Delta Force lookalike, that the Bureau lured him out of retirement to head its prestigious New York office. He gave up his lucrative position as Goldman Sachs' Director of Security for his FBI dream job.

Today, barely a year later, Demarest is on what the Bureau describes as "temporary assignment" in Washington. and Sources say the Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating whether Demarest used his influence as a senior manager to get his FBI agent girlfriend promoted.

The agent, Teresa Carlson, is described as a looker -- slim, blonde and blue-eyed. She headed the white collar section of the New York office's Criminal Division with eight or nine squads reporting to her. After a lateral transfer to the Intelligence Division, the FBI promoted her to a job in Washington.


Demarest move would be blow to FBI/NYPD relations

Milwaukee FBI chief reassigned, investigated

Ex-chief of Milwaukee FBI office under investigation

Ex-Milwaukee FBI chief under criminal investigation

We can only wonder when Theresa is going to become Director of the FBI.



Once again, the right-wingers are in a state of outrage - actually, let's make that "Outrage!" with a capital O and an exclamation point.

They are outraged over the Rolling Stone cover.

And they are even more outraged, it seems, over the suspension of the 'tactical photographer' who released crime scene photos of whatsisname the bomber, without authorization from the Massachusetts State Police.

In other words, this 'tactical photographer' violated MSP procedure for handling evidence. Anyone who thinks that the arrest scene wasn't a crime scene hasn't been watching enough NCIS, America's favorite cop show; and anyone who thinks that photos taken at a crime scene aren't evidence is really out of touch.

That the public thinks this isn't real evidence is beside the point.

The guy violated MSP procedure and was suspended pending outcome of a hearing.

So the right is/are 'Outraged!'


I wonder if they would be that Outraged! if the fellow had released photos of a rape victim, because in his mind, for whatever reasons, he thought that would be the Right Thing To Do. You know, show the public what a vicious bastard the rapist really was. What if next time, it's a leftie leaking something the Right doesn't want leaked? Is it still OK?

Meanwhile ... what's a 'tactical photographer?' A Ninja with a Nikon?

Further meanwhile ... I'm armed and dangerous, looking for drones to shoot down. That seems to be the Right-Minded Thing to Do these days.

How about that. The Right has something in common with the most vicious of murdering Muslim fundamentalists.


America's Political Police Agency

That would be the Obama Department of Justice.

The DoJ, run by Eric "Fast and Furious" Holder, has agreed to participate in an NAACP witch-hunt prompted by the Zimmerman verdict.

The verdict wasn't what the NAACP wanted, and it wasn't what the media maggots wanted, so now the DoJ is going to see if they can do sufficient muck-raking to somehow come up with enough to make a civil rights case of it.

The problem with that is that despite dozens of interviews and a lengthy investigation, the FBI has not found any evidence that the shooting was racially motivated.

Justice pursues civil rights probe; FBI documents show no racist bias

An excerpt:

McClatchy also has reported on another set of documents that show FBI agents interviewed  dozens of people in the course of probing possible racial bias but nobody  would say Zimmerman showed such bias before the shooting. 

Here is another good piece on the peculiar phenomenon of using the federal government to 'fix' jury decisions selected groups of influence don't like:

Former Federal Official: Fed Prosecution of Zimmerman Case Would be A Mistake


Obamacare and denying reality

 Our Nan is on a tear over the delay that isn't really a delay:


Cutting through the Fauxnews BS, the article does a bit of enlightening as to what is really happening with the mandate.

But here is a better explanation from the capitalist oppressors of the masses over on Forbes:


Sadly, however, it is really the Affordable Care Act, not the Affordable Car Act.


Church signs

I saw this on a local church recently:

"God's plans put man's best dreams to shame."

What else can you expect from churches that wallow in the idea that we mere mortals are POS losers, unworthy worms, etc etc etc.

Perhaps something like "Man's best dreams pale in comparison to God's plans ..." or "Man's best dreams are inspired by God ..." would be a little more constructive; a little more likely to draw some poor sot into the fold.

But no. Let's just work on the idea that humans are POS losers.

I can feel the love.

Speaking of which: