America's Political Police Agency

That would be the Obama Department of Justice.

The DoJ, run by Eric "Fast and Furious" Holder, has agreed to participate in an NAACP witch-hunt prompted by the Zimmerman verdict.

The verdict wasn't what the NAACP wanted, and it wasn't what the media maggots wanted, so now the DoJ is going to see if they can do sufficient muck-raking to somehow come up with enough to make a civil rights case of it.

The problem with that is that despite dozens of interviews and a lengthy investigation, the FBI has not found any evidence that the shooting was racially motivated.

Justice pursues civil rights probe; FBI documents show no racist bias

An excerpt:

McClatchy also has reported on another set of documents that show FBI agents interviewed  dozens of people in the course of probing possible racial bias but nobody  would say Zimmerman showed such bias before the shooting. 

Here is another good piece on the peculiar phenomenon of using the federal government to 'fix' jury decisions selected groups of influence don't like:

Former Federal Official: Fed Prosecution of Zimmerman Case Would be A Mistake