Interesting tidbit. The author is completely wrong, of course. It's not nearly that bad.

A local wage-earner was told this week that he can expect rate hikes in their health insurance in the immediate future that will be just a bit more than double what he is now paying. The 'new' plan will have the mandatory maternity care included. That they do not need maternity care coverage is beside the point. When he asked me, somewhat rhetorically, why he has to pay for maternity care when 'maternity' ain't gonna happen, for various reasons, some pharmaceutical and some surgical, I told him "you have to pay for it so everyone who does need it can afford it. you see."

He doesn't.

See? It's small-minded people like that who are dragging the whole thing down.

Looks like they may be on food stamps after the premium hike.

No ... wait ... food stamps are being reduced ...

I really admire the leadership our beloved president is providing.

He does know he is providing that, doesn't he? Or is that something else he didn't know about.