Prayer at city council meetings

Here we go again:

Atheist to get her day at the Supreme Court

That would be the US Supreme Court.

Here's the deal:

The justices on Wednesday will hear arguments over whether Greece, New York, may continue sponsoring what it calls "inclusive" prayers at its open sessions, on government property.

Stephens and co-plaintiff Susan Galloway have challenged the policy, saying virtually all of those invited to offer legislative prayers over the years were Christians.

"It's very divisive when you bring government into religion," Stephens told CNN from her home. "I don't believe in God, and Susan is Jewish, so to hear these ministers talk about Jesus and even have some of them who personally question our motives, it's just not appropriate."

She's right. It is not. However, that has never discouraged the Christian Right from trying to ram their particular, and too often peculiar, interpretations of 'Christianity' down the throats of everyone else in the nation.

We can expect the religious right to get the wind up over another atheist trying to ruin our 'Christian' Nation. They'll go on, in usual manner, about how our Founders intended this to be a 'Christian' Nation ... and of course, as usual, they will be wrong. That's never stopped them before, and it won't now.

Back the day of the Founders, there was little concern about atheists; there was no concern about Muslims ... or any other non-Christian religion for that matter. Their concern was Christian-on-Christian persecution. A cursory examination of the history of religion in this country demonstrates that very well.

It was 'Christians' who were the main threat to religious freedom back in those days, and it remains so today.

It's time to give it a rest and MoveOn. We have way too many people who believe in way too many different things for town councils to be endorsing, however obliquely, any religion at all.

Pray on your own time.