Solving the ObamaCare woes

OK, I admit that I'm just a dumbass hick from the sticks, who fails utterly to understand all the wonderful things that President Obama is doing for me personally, to help me wend my stupid way through life ...

But just what is this:

Administration officials say President Obama will direct insurance companies to offer Americans whose health plans were canceled by the Affordable Care Act the option of renewing those plans without change. WATCH LIVE on Fox News and FoxNews.com at 11:35 a.m. ET 

The O is going to direct private companies to do this?

Or else? Or else what? We have a composite reaction from the multitudes:

Apparently, here's how it works. You've heard the expression "... there's an App for that?"  Well, The O believes "... there's an executive order for that."

Don't have congressional approval? No worries, rule by fiat. Doesn't pass constitutional muster?  Screw 'em, here's my executive order.

We know what he's trying to do, but his arrogance seeps through and instead of "I'll direct the government agencies responsible for enforcement to back off temporarily, meet with the Congress and work with them to provide a legal respite to the requirements of the ACA and ask the insurers to bear with us during this period of uncertainty and not issue cancellation notices to any of their policyholders due to the ACA."

Had Bush made that same statement, he'd have been painted as a dolt.  Is the O simply stupid? Or insufferably arrogant? Or perhaps both?

OTOH ... Insurance companies are obviously running dog capitalist pig extortion operations and must be directed by Dear Leader in order to properly redistribute the wealth.

An update from FauxNews:

Obama's insurance plan 'fix' stirs confusion, ridicule at state levels

But we all know that Faux is out to 'get'  The O ... so how about this one, from CNN:

The health care fix won't work