Arizona and 'religious freedom'

The pot's boiling over with Arizona's Senate Bill 1062 awaiting its fate at the hands of Governor Jan Brewer.

Though the bill was put forth by three Republican senators - Yarbrough, Worsley, and Barto - and then passed the Arizona ledge thusly:

It passed the Senate on a party-line vote, 17-13, with Republicans in support. Since then, three GOP senators, including Worsley, have said they regret their votes and have asked Brewer to veto the bill.

Note that Worsley, who was one of the bill's sponsors, now wants Brewer to veto it. We can only wonder if perhaps Worsley suddenly remembered that pesky little obstruction to government, the Constitution. Both of 'em. The Federal and the state.

In the Arizona house, it was a little different:

The bill passed the House, 33-27, with mostly GOP support. Three Republicans joined with all 24 Democrats to vote against it.

Three Repubs jumped ship on that one.

You can read the entire article here:

Q&A: An overview of Arizona service-denial bill.

You'll note they call it what it is - a 'service-denial' bill. Whatever it is, it is not a 'religious freedom' bill.

Some of the more prominent Republicans have started pushing Brewer to veto the bill. Some of the headlines on news articles leave out that 'prominent' part and give the impression that the Republicans in general are against the bill.

That is not true. The bill was sponsored by Republicans, and it was passed by Republicans.

Those 'prominent' Republicans may have actually been giving some thought to all the polls and data that shows voters jumping off the Republican ship port and starboard. Just Google on that, and you'll see the data. Supporting a Constitutional abomination like SB 1062 is a sure way to even further alienate the more rational in the voter pool. While this bill is a 'Christian' Right wet dream, we here at blogger central can only wonder how supporters of this bill are going to explain their thinking to Jesus.

How self-professed 'Christians' can claim that such hatefulness is in keeping with that New Commandment thing is beyond me. Of course, these are people who believe in a six day creation and who deny the truth of science ... so why should we be surprised at this kind of thinking?