Tom "Ol' 1Y" Tancredo

Well, Tancredo has tossed his hat in the ring.

First he was a Republican, then he wasn't, now he is ... and he is a-shootin' for the guvnership.

Since the Republicans insist on feeding us stale re-hash, here's a re-hash of reasons why we have no intention of voting for any of the Republican offerings, particularly this one:

Jumped ship too late?

Tancredo and 'the threat'

The Republicans' Chernobyl

Among other things, Ol' 1Y is what we call a 'Chickenhawk.' He never served in the armed forces of these United States; he got himself classified as "1Y" during the Vietnam war. That happened because he claimed he was depressed. So far as I know, he has never said why he was depressed, or what it was that depressed him. Perhaps it was the thought of going to Vietnam? Huh. I'll bet a lot of other guys wish they had thought of that one.

So he never served. That in itself is not all that big a deal. There are lots of people who never served in uniform. But Tancredo,  you see, is one of those guys who now claims "I wish I had had the opportunity to serve ..." and who now supports quite enthusiastically the Bush/Obama wars. He's glad to send your kids off to war ... but he was, like, you know ... too depressed himself. Tancredo is one of those saber-rattling, flag-waving, super-patriot Chickenhawks.

That's what the Republican party is offering us. That's what the 'Christian' Right is offering us.

When the Colorado Republicans can ...well ... if the Colorado Republicans can ever get themselves organized and present a slate of candidates that can actually provide some adult leadership, we might consider voting for a Republican candidate. But for the foreseeable future, that isn't going to happen, and the Republicans will continue to self-destruct, state-wide and on the national political scene. And we will hold our noses, and vote Democrat.


RNC Chairman Priebus and Mike "When we as a nation feared God" Huckabee

By way of demonstrating just how out of touch the RNC - and Republicans in general - are with the increasingly dissatisfied masses ...

RNC Chair Reince Preibus: "Mike Huckabee Could Be A ‘Model For A Lot Of People’ In The GOP"

In his comments about this time last year ...

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus told reporters on Friday that former Arkansas Governor and talk show host Mike Huckabee could be “a model for a lot of people in our party.” Priebus made the comment as he was attempting to clarify a statement from earlier this week in which he expressed support for Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) who recently came out in favor of same-sex marriage after he discovered his son was gay.

That one opens a few doors.

First, we here at Blogger Central are of the opinion that there are already entirely too many people in the GOP who are just like Huckabee, and therein lies much of the GOP's problem.

Apparently Preibus and by extension the Republican Party faithful agree with Huckabee in American Values - or why I could vote for Obama. Here we see Mike Huckabee state, rather unequivocally, that he thinks Americans should be held at gunpoint in order to hear the pseudo-intellectual drivel spewed out by Brother Dave Barton. I'm afraid that that doesn't wash with all those quotes from the Constitution the Republicans and the Tea Party are so fond of slinging about. In fact, their 'agreeance' gives me pause to wonder if they've ever actually read the Constitution, much less actually thought about it.

Huckabee sank to new lows - Pat Robertson lows - when he said the Newtown shooting occurred because we have 'systematically removed God from our schools.' That's a tired old drum he's beating, and it's something that Huckabee, Preibus, and the rest of the Republican Righteous Right just don't get. No one has removed God from our schools, systematically or otherwise. What has been removed from our schools is the opportunity for people like Huckabee to jam his verson of God down the throats of our kids. Huckabee's arrogance hit a nerve with Rachel Held Evans, who blogged, quite uncharacteristically, "Bullshit!" in response. We here at Blogger Central agreed wholeheartedly:

Mike Huckabee: Bullshit!

Huckabee Responds

This  sort of thinking is why we cannot accept the Republican Party as it now stands. What will it take for them to see the writing on the wall? To see just how far out of touch they are with all but the far right of their own party? They continue to offer no alternatives to the Democrats. As distasteful as so many of our Democrat 'leadership' may be, the Republicans offer little or nothing in acceptable opposition.

Meanwhile, Rob Portman discovered afresh that "Christian" love that is the bedrock of the Party of American Values:

Rob Portman's approval rating drops

Portman was against gay marriage before he was for it. He is for it because he discovered that his son is gay, and he wants his son to have the same opportunities as his other children. That doesn't wash with the Republican faithful. Perhaps Portman is supposed to disown his son? Tie him to a fencepost and toss rocks at him? Have him kidnapped and whisked away for 'reprogramming' at the hands of some "Christian" counsellor? Dropped off his Christmas card list? What is it that the Republicans want fathers to do about their gay sons? Resign from the party? Give us some of those Christian-love filled pointers here.

Ken "The Buckpedaller" Buck

So Ken Buck is going to make a run for Cory Gardner's seat.

You remember Ken Buck. He's the fellow whose waffling led to our coining the term 'Buckpedalling.'

If you don't remember, here it is:

"Buckpedallin' Ken"

But wait! There's more!

Ken Buck v. Veterans

Ken Buck and Amendment 62

Is this really the best the Colorado Republicans can do? A replay of their previous meltdowns?

Why not bring back that perennial fave, Tom "Ol' 1Y" Tancredo?

Yet another opportunistic weasel  (6th story down from the top)

The Democrats are continuing to look like the only choice. It's going to be another 'hold your nose and vote' election cycle.

And then we have the Otero Republicans, who also seem bent on keeping the same proven combination. They still have the same slate of officers running their show as the last go-around.

Hitting a nerve?

Do these people not listen? Do they not learn from past mistakes? When are they going to pull their heads out and offer us some viable alternative to the Democrats?