Tom "Ol' 1Y" Tancredo

Well, Tancredo has tossed his hat in the ring.

First he was a Republican, then he wasn't, now he is ... and he is a-shootin' for the guvnership.

Since the Republicans insist on feeding us stale re-hash, here's a re-hash of reasons why we have no intention of voting for any of the Republican offerings, particularly this one:

Jumped ship too late?

Tancredo and 'the threat'

The Republicans' Chernobyl

Among other things, Ol' 1Y is what we call a 'Chickenhawk.' He never served in the armed forces of these United States; he got himself classified as "1Y" during the Vietnam war. That happened because he claimed he was depressed. So far as I know, he has never said why he was depressed, or what it was that depressed him. Perhaps it was the thought of going to Vietnam? Huh. I'll bet a lot of other guys wish they had thought of that one.

So he never served. That in itself is not all that big a deal. There are lots of people who never served in uniform. But Tancredo,  you see, is one of those guys who now claims "I wish I had had the opportunity to serve ..." and who now supports quite enthusiastically the Bush/Obama wars. He's glad to send your kids off to war ... but he was, like, you know ... too depressed himself. Tancredo is one of those saber-rattling, flag-waving, super-patriot Chickenhawks.

That's what the Republican party is offering us. That's what the 'Christian' Right is offering us.

When the Colorado Republicans can ...well ... if the Colorado Republicans can ever get themselves organized and present a slate of candidates that can actually provide some adult leadership, we might consider voting for a Republican candidate. But for the foreseeable future, that isn't going to happen, and the Republicans will continue to self-destruct, state-wide and on the national political scene. And we will hold our noses, and vote Democrat.