Here's an op-ed from an Obamanian drug policy adviser, Kevin Sabet.

What we here at Blogger Central find most interesting is ... this thing is published on CNN. The only thing that would be more amazing would be if it were on MSNBC. But if it were, it wouldn't be noticed. Does anyone watch MSNBC any more?

We wander afield ...

Here's the piece:

Colorado's troubles with pot

There is one excerpt we just have to share:

In fact, more than 450,000 incidents of emergency room admissions related to marijuana occur every year, andheavy marijuana use in adolescenceis connected to an 8-point reduction of IQ later in life, irrespective of alcohol use.

Heh heh heh ... based on observations of our local weed proponents, I'd say that estimation of IQ degeneration is a bit on the conservative side.