The Wall

The Repubs are making noises again about The Wall.  Not that Wall. This Wall:

Return of the Fence

The GOP is sounding a clarion call to renew the efforts to build a Wall, to keep all the illegals out.

(Note that the term 'illegal' is in some quarters being cloaked in the horror of 'the n-word,' but that hasn't reached Blogger Central quite yet.)

The Repubs, ever the students of history, want to build a wall from sea-to-shining-sea, down south.

Apparently this is because such things have always worked so well in the past. There's Hadrian's Wall, for example. Or perhaps they are looking at the successes of our good friends and benefactors, the Chinese, with their Great Wall?

Or perhaps the Berlin Wall, a study in reverse psychology?

Let's not forget the Antonine Wall, and the various Limes of Rome.

There are lots of walled cities throughout history. I believe most of them are in ruins, though some serve very well as very nice tourist destinations.

Then there's the Grogan Wall, and the Gates of Alexander. Still there, in bits and pieces, left lying there by the barbarians as they passed through.

More recently, we all no doubt remember McNamara's Wall: MUSCLE SHOALS/IGLOO WHITE. I remember that one very well, because, as Elmer Keith said, "Hell ... I was there!"

The list goes on ... I suppose, though, our wall would work, because, well, that was then and now is now, and we have, like drones, and even better sensors, and lots and lots of munny that we don't need for anything else.

We could call ours "Socrates' Wall". Because, as Socrates said: “Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.”

I wonder ... if the Mexican government, joining forces with the governments of the various Central American countries, were to build a Wall along the border to keep people *in,* would John Boehner then stand before that wall, oh, down in El Paso, and say something dramatic like "Ich bin ein Ciudad de México-er!" to tumultuous cheers from his Republican compatriots?

Or is it simply that the GOP, having no better idea than the rest of us what to do about this mess, are simply playing to the emotions of a pile of people, who, ignorant of history, want to doom us to repeat it?