Jay Nixon: A shameful excuse for a governor

John Darkow, who does political cartoons, most of which are spot on and some of which are less so, has a pretty good one here:

There is a certain truth to Maslow's observation, which is why adult leadership and supervision is helpful.

That is not always available. In 1965, Barney had his one bullet, and Andy was providing the adult supervision, and doing a pretty good job of it. Then ... by 1968, it was quite apparent that neither Andy nor Barney, with his one bullet, was up to the job of keeping the peace, and neither were many metro PD's - anyone recall the Chicago riots in April '68, and again at DNC in Chicago in 1968? Now there are some examples of po-po thuggery that would curl Cap'n Ron's toes.

 How about the rest of that Long Hot Summer in over 100 cities nationwide?

By then, the militarization had begun. It got a good jolt again with the Clinton 'Crime Bill' and something like $5 billion injected into local PD budgets, and again with all that free money from the Department of Homeland Security.

The funding for all of these 'toys' does not come out of thin air. Budgets are approved by governing bodies. So the 'militarization' that suddenly seems so onerous is directly attributable to elected officials ... representatives of The People. If The People don't like this 'militarization' all they have to do is look to themselves.

In the immortal words of Bobby Kennedy: "Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on."

American society would seem to be hoist by its own petard.

But wait! There's more ... Missouri's governor, Jay Nixon, has been ranting about how 'thunderstruck' he is over how 'militarized' the police in Ferguson have become. He says the Ferguson police were 'aggressive.' And he continues to be 'thunderstruck.'

Nixon speaks with a forked tongue. Clearly the man is frightened out of his wits over the uproar in Ferguson. Whether that is over the violence being done in the streets, or over the damage to his political career seems unclear, but my money is on the latter.

Nixon is so busy throwing the Ferguson cops under the bus - Nixon, along with his henchman Cap'n Roy, who has lost no opportunity to do the same -  that he has conveniently overlooked his role in this 'militarization.'

‘Thunderstruck?’: Missouri Governor Helped Ferguson Get Surplus Military Equipment

Nixon thought he was getting a good deal. The cops got the 'toys' they wanted, and Nixon's administration didn't have to pay for them.

Now, Nixon is doing more 'buck-pedaling' than our own Ken Buck.

Worse, he is now calling for 'vigorous' prosecution in the Ferguson shooting. He has no idea what really happened there, yet he is essentially calling for a lynching of the police officer.

It's a shameful display, by a shameful excuse for a governor. A pathetic little excuse for a man.