Pocatello Police Shooting

Killer Kops DRT another one ... this time after an escape and a foot pursuit. The comments in the article from the Idaho State Journal are particularly telling as to citizen attitudes toward this type of reaction.

Cops kill unarmed escapee

Then ... the drama continued with more escapes, possibly with assistance from outside the detention facility:

Following the police shooting of an unarmed escapee in Pocatello, Idaho, four more prisoners escaped, or were possibly released from custody by activists. During the escape, the co-owner of the facility was in fact brutally attacked and suffered several broken ribs. One of the escapees was shot down in cold blood by the slaughterhouse's co-owner; one was taken into custody, and two remain at large. Stories of heavily armed police SWAT teams roving the area remain unconfirmed, as citizens reportedly cower in fear in their homes ... meanwhile, owners of the 'custodial' facility from which the bovines escaped are receiving hate mail and possibly death threats ...

Two escapees remain at large

As it turns out, both episodes were part of an on-going conspiracy. Hats off to Pocatello PD for putting a stop to it before things got completely out of hand. The following video provides outstanding insight into a little understood revolutionary movement. It's the Che Guevara reference that spooks all we leftovers from the Cold War era. I understand that Department of Homeland Security has undercover operatives in the Pocatello area, scoping out the ringleaders of the local cell