The Moral High Ground

I have been watching the various media maggots going on in breathless outrage over the Senate findings regarding 'enhanced interrogation' by the CIA.

I also listened to John McCain's views, and why he disagrees with the use of 'enhanced interrogation.' I am generally, but not totally, in agreeance with McCain.

It has nothing to do with taking the moral high ground, as we see our Beloved President trying to assume, along with various Congressional slimeballs. I'm not so interested in the moral high ground. It's something else entirely. McCain pointed out, correctly, I think, that 'enhanced interrogation' or 'pressured compliance' has not proven particularly effective in gaining useful information or cooperation. It is difficult to argue this with McCain, considering his personal experiences along these lines. Some dispute that, mostly notably Dick Cheney ... but Brother Dick has a personal stake in it, so there is a large grain of salt to be taken there.

I expect it is an effective measure if applied under such circumstances influencing Samuel L. Jackson's character in 'Rules of Engagement,' an action with which I would be in complete agreeance.

I think perhaps much less so when in a prison or some other holding environment, trying to beat info out of someone. I think drugs, sleep deprivation, isolation, mind games, that sort of thing, would in the long term be more effective. But then, sleep deprivation is one of the things over which opponents have their knickers in a knot. I'm not really understanding the hoo-hah all that well. It isn't like Sheriff Shawn is beating Otero County residents with rubber hoses in the back cells at the SO. We aren't talking about civilian police and our own people here.

I am not about to forget the 2,977 whose only sin was going to work on September 11th, and for those whose only "moral imperative" that day was to turn and perish in the fire or step out of the window, or who were crushed into oblivion in the collapsing towers, along with those who tried to save them. Nor those who have perished before or since ... be they the Marines in Beirut, or poor terrified souls having their heads sawn off by some spawn of Satan.

Generally, screw (I have a more colorful term in mind) those who would murder us, who would destroy us and our families. It isn't a matter of taking the moral high ground. It's a matter of getting the best, and the most, information that can be used to kill more of them.

A sidenote for Our Beloved President: It's difficult to occupy the moral high ground when you are known throughout the world as "The Drone President."

How do ya like the double meaning in that one.