The Trillion Dollar Bill and New Philadelphia

Our hard-working CongressCreatures recently 'saved' us all by voting The Trillion Dollar Bill into being.

This will 'keep the government going' (you'll notice I avoided 'keep the goverment working') and will fund the continuing defense of the nation.

This is a serious bit of defense work that was funded by our hard-working CongressCreatures. I sleep more soundly at night, knowing that "rough men" like Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk and their accomplices are keeping our nation safe:

"Defense bill has provision for New Philadelphia Illinois’ senators say federal defense legislation includes a request to a study if a national park designation is merited for the New Philadelphia archaeological site in western Illinois.

Congress on Friday sent the defense bill to President Barack Obama.

Sens. Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk say the bill includes a provision directing the secretary of the interior to conduct a study on the site. New Philadelphia was plotted in 1836 as the first fully racially integrated community before the Civil War. It is the site of the first town founded and built by a freed slave before the Civil War. The senators say designating it as part of the National Park System would ensure the area is protected. They say agricultural activity threatens some of the site’s architectural features. The Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Springfield is currently the only National Park Service site in Illinois."

 New Philadelphia?

Clearly, this is a top issue in national defense. I understand that the 1st Battalion of the 2nd Heavy Combat Park Rangers Brigade stands ready to kick some serious ass ... but first they seem to be scheduled to train elements of the 4th Infantry Division in keeping tourists from feeding the squirrels. Waydago, you bozos. Oink oink.