Toy Guns and Circling the wagons

If you haven't seen the report on the DoJ investigation of Cleveland PD, you can get it here:

Investigation of the Cleveland Division of Police

In the summary of findings, there is this: "The employment of poor and dangerous tactics that place officers in situations where avoidable force become inevitable and places officers and civilians at unnecessary risk."

I think that would be more correctly written as "... where use of force that would otherwise be avoidable becomes inevitable ..." but I ain't one a them there edjimikated US attorneys.

This is precisely what happened with the shooting of that kid who had the toy gun. In the video, we see the patrol car come ripping right up to the pavilion where the kid is, putting the passenger cop right on top of a 'person with a gun'. So as the cop is looking out the window, he sees this guy/kid with what looks like a real gat, right there within a few feet. So the cop comes out a-shootin', which is actually a fairly rational behavior under those circumstances.

The police car rolls up at 2:21.

Toy gun that looks real; real gun that isn't loaded ... how does the cop know, and do we really expect him to wait for the first shot? The problem here, based on what we see, is either training, or supervision, or both. They either were not trained on how to respond to a call like that, or they were, and for whatever reason it didn't take, in which case where is the adult leadership and supervision?

So we have a dead kid, a community in an uproar, a cop twisting in the wind ... and police administrators and politicians running for cover, circling the wagons, and pointing fingers in all directions, which is all too often what they do best.

But this time ... we have the DoJ report, and not only that, but the report cites another investigation ten years ago, same 'issues,' and asking, 'was anything done about that?"

Have fun with them there wagons, boys, up there in police HQ and the mayoral palace. I think them Injuns is about to overrun y'all.