Trinidad's drug busts ... and Pinocchio's nose

The Trinidad drug bust fiasco continues, like Pinocchio's nose, to grow:

The Snitch Who Stole Christmas

It was on the front page of yesterday's Trinidad Chronicle, and KOAA has been running with it for nearly a year.

Sloppy police work leads to dozens of dismissals

We can only wonder at the enormous erections that must have been generated by this, among the super-patriotic flag-waving right-wingers throughout southeastern Colorado, as the forces of Law and Order crushed the evil criminals with all-American righteousness.

Unfortunately, the cops once again look like complete morons - with considerable justification:

A surprising number were not only loudly proclaiming their innocence, but were insisting that the transactions they were accused of making couldn't have happened at the times and places described. Yet none of this appears to have triggered any skepticism among police or prosecutors -- not until the entire operation began to unravel, just weeks after the big bust ...

... Defense attorneys probing the case soon discovered numerous misleading or false statements in the sworn affidavits submitted to obtain the arrest warrants. The affidavits routinely stated that the dope purchased by the informants had field-tested positive for heroin, meth or some other controlled substance; in several instances, though, subsequent testing by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation indicated that the substance in question had no narcotic qualities at all. Although the informants were wired, the affidavits offered only bare excerpts of the conversations recorded and little dialogue that suggested a buy was taking place. And there was no information provided about how the targets were selected, how the meetings were arranged, or what the informants were getting out of the deal.

and the dopers among us - and they are Legion - have one more argument for their 'cause.'

District Attorney Ruybalid and Trinidad police chief Charles Glorioso did not respond to repeated requests for comment about the operation.

No surprise there. I'll wager they've lawyered up like a pedophile confronted with a hard drive full of selfies.

Meanwhile ...

As for the two confidential informants who lied, Carla Hernandez was not charged with perjury after openly admitting she wasn't being truthful in court. Bachicha is charged with perjury and pleaded guilty.

She will be sentenced in February 2015.

Rybalid, Glorioso, and da Judge ... southeast Colorado's own version of The Three Stooges.