"A white rage ..."

Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein ... and their accomplices ... are engaging in a great deal of self-righteous scrambling for 'the moral high ground' as the report on the CIA's 'enhanced interrogation techniques' and other behaviors comes to the fore.

They are shocked, shocked, they tell us.

They are, in fact, cowards, and their posturing and pandering is the epitome of cowardice.

Pelosi knew ... and did not object

"It burns with a white rage against societies as a whole, from military leaders and chiefs of state to comfortable civilians in easy chairs, who send rough men out to serve their interests brutally, murderously, and then—when circumstances change and in the exquisite safety and fastidiousness of their living rooms they suddenly find these rough men’s actions repugnant—disown them."

1981 May, Commentary, “The Uniforms That Guard Us” by Richard Grenier, Start Page 73, Quote Page 76, Volume 71, Number 5, American Jewish Committee, New York. (Verified on paper)