Super-patriot Todd Starnes

Solidly 'Christian' all-American flag-waving super-patriot Todd Starnes is at it again.

Starnes is of the same ilk as Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly. All are far right muckrakers who are not overly concerned with fact, who rely on half-truths and outright falsehoods to stir the right into paroxysms of Outrage!™©

Brother Todd's latest is over the apparently left-wing supporters of flag-desecrators at Valdosta State University.

It seems some students were tramping upon a US flag that they had put on the ground.

Michelle Manhart, another self-styled super-patriot, was incensed by this, and took the flag, refusing to give it back. She was then arrested.

Starnes and his supporters have been going off the deep end over the horror of this.

Well ... the Supremes have long ruled that flag-burning and other forms of protest are protected speech. If you examine the opinions handed down by the justices in these cases, you can see that their reasoning is Constitutionally solid.

You may not like such means of protest - I certainly do not - but the fact remains ... this is protected speech. It's not a particularly effective means of protest; not many of us are going to be won over to a point of view that relies on these behaviors to make a 'point.' But, it is protected speech, and it should be, if we are going to live up to the values inherent in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

But Manhart basically stole the protestors' flag, refused to give it back, and disrupted a lawful assembly. Until she showed up, it was a peaceable assembly, too.

The Starnesians are fond of going on about the US Flag Code when they go off the deep end over these matters.

But here's the thing. Manhart, a USAF vet, posed in her uniform - or bits and pieces of it - for Playboy magazine, and in some shots, she was draped in the US flag, with part of the flag lying on the floor. She got her knickers twisted pretty good by USAF, too. She was demoted, and then discharged.

Starnes doesn't see anything wrong with this. Nor, apparently, does he see anything wrong with this:

All-American super-patriots

all of which makes a mockery of his beloved flag code. Apparently everyone in these photos, wearing the flag as some kind of garment, is a 'true patriot' so it's OK to engage in a bit of patriotic flag desecration.

Why is that? Why is this OK with Starnes and his supporters ... yet the lefties at Valdosta are un-American losers?

It's just when you don't agree with Starnes and his brethren's political and religious views that it becomes an 'issue.'

More hypocrisy from the super-patriot flag-waving 'Christian' right ...

Starnes and his accomplices bring truth to the old saw, “When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."