The oppression of Christians in the United States

So there's all this hoo-hah over the various 'Religious Freedom Restoration Act' bills. You know, the ones that will give God-fearing 'Christians' freedom from the frightful repression and persecution they suffer in These United States.

Meanwhile. one of the 'Christian' companies at the heart of the argument, Hobby Lobby, a paragon of corporate 'Christian' values, stocks its shelves with cheap goods from the most oppressively anti-Christian regimes on the planet. If you haven't yet done so, take the opportunity to walk through a Hobby Lobby and pick up the items and look at the country of manufacture.

Now, is that hypocrisy, or what.

This is the Gao Brothers' "Execution of Christ in China."

More on the Gao brothers:

Zhen and Quiang Gao

Rumor has it that you can get a cheap 'made in China' copy of "The execution of Christ" in most Hobby Lobby stores. They should be right next to the 'made in China' US flags and 4th of July patriotic goods.If they aren't, Hobby Lobby is missing a great sales opportunity.