"We can't remember what our goals are ... were ... might be ..."

From the minutes of the meeting of the La Junta City Council, 05.04.2015:

B. Committee/Board Reports

 1. Report from Re-Imagine La Junta Creative Arts Committee. Barbara Ingles and Maryanne Hale reported that two of the three goals have been accomplished, but they could not remember which ones. They went on to report on the accomplishments of the Southeastern Colorado Creative Partnership. 

Isn't that the outfit that wants how many thousands of dollars of tax bux for those tumbleweed "Christmas trees?"

Why, yes ... it is:

Ingles proposes tumbleweed Christmas tree

And the governing body is going to hand them the cash? Or the labor-in-kind in lieu of cash?

Like ... seriously?

They show up at a City Council meeting to report to council, and can't remember what they accomplished ... and then Council is going to give them piles of munny?

That's quite "Creative." It's better than "Creative." It's downright ...Re-imaginative.