High times at the Broadmoor for Colorado's school boards

The Colorado Association of School Boards has for several years held its annual bash at the Broadmoor.

At tax-payer expense. Yep. School board members from all over the state travel to the Broadmoor for a few days of being wined and dined by lobbyists, textbook salespersons, and purveyors of other vital school equipment. They stay at the Broadmoor on your dime and mine.

When's the last time you stayed at the Broadmoor?

It has been a scandal reported on by a number of newspapers, but the arrogance of CASB and school board members has been such that they just ignore the outrage.

Livin' large at the Broadmoor

Greeley/Evans District 6 board member Brett Reese objected to this gluttonous display of self-indulgence, but was pushed aside. He has since been vindicated:

Vindication: Mainstream media discovers Reese right about Broadmoor

From the article about the 2012 conference:

“One staff member charged $30 for a room service hamburger. Another charged $48.19 for a room service delivery of a plate of chicken and a glass of milk. Still another staff member submitted a room service bill for a single $30 mahi sandwich.” 

CASB also fed 19 staff members lunch with the bill totaling $1,217.69 or $64 per person and a few days later a breakfast meeting for 22 staff members cost another $1,439.54 which came to over $65 per person.

CASB president Ken Delay blew that off: "It's the going rate at the Broadmoor."

The report also noted that CASB also permits spouses and children to attend and the organization picks up the tab. So while school districts like ours are feeding us shit sandwiches, they are stuffing their faces on our dime up at the Broadmoor ... while attending such seminars as:

“The Game has Changed: What will it take to pass a bond and mill levy override in 2012?” 

“Changing the Constitution and other trivial matters” 

and “Unstuck and Maximizing Diversity.” 

Yep. They're trying to figure out ways of squeezing more tax revenue out of us. While shoving $30 dollar burgers down their maws.

They haven't quit. They had their Broadmoor junket this past December, as usual.

How 'bout that WiFi the building leadership teams want for our district?

How about that settlement with Carol Noll, after the geniuses on the school board played their power trip and ego games?

Today's oxymoron: "school board fiscal responsibility."