Patriot Games and other follies

It would appear that the school board's machinations come at a pretty good price:

So "The Noll Problem" has been taken care of. I'm wondering how many services to students had to be cut to pay for this little folly. How many text books would that have purchased? What about that student WiFi setup the teaching staff proposed?

And of course, it's coming out of the pockets of taxpayers in the district.

What about the board members who behaved "inappropriately," according to Noll's response to the evaluations made by the board just before they broke into song, "I bin werkin' on the railroad ..."? I found the allegation about a board member discussing 'personnel matters' with district employees at one of the basketball games particularly interesting, especially considering the info was to have been out of an executive session. How many times have we heard this board use 'personnel matters' as part of the 'circle the wagons' reaction in order to stonewall public inquiry?

There's an FB page up now, take it or leave it as you will:

East Otero School Board Watch

which seems to have as one of its authors a fellow named David Seaney.

Mr. Seaney has taken the board to task several times, at board meetings and on this FB page.

An anonymous person who has created an FB profile, "Joe Friday" seems to have taken it upon himself to launch a smear campaign against Seaney:

It seems that Mr. Seaney was the district superintendent in question. The DUI is from December 2010.

That's quite a dig into the past. I'm not sure what relevance it has to Mr. Seaney's questioning of school board activities, especially since he is clearly within his Constitutional rights - both state and Federal - to question and even 'remonstrate with' our elected officials.

Why is it that I think this gutless, no-balls "Joe Friday" character might be one of our real flag-wavin' all-American "Christian" super-patriots? Perhaps because a whole lot of life experience has shown me time and again, that's how they roll? Perhaps because it's the "Christian" super-patriots who have little or nothing of Christ in them, and who are the first to demonstrate a total lack of understanding of "American values?"

"Joe Friday" tried a cheap shot at Seaney, but all he has done is prove the validity of this:

A Study in Civics

"Joe Friday" also demonstrates with that comment, "Since there were two additional board members that voted to approve the resignation if they will be recalled too." that he really isn't overly bright. The 'two additional board members', having been handed a shit sandwich by The Gang of Three, understood quite well that a) there was nothing they could do about the railroading of Noll; and b) that Noll has the district by the short and curlies, otherwise, why a 'settlement', so c) take the best deal for the district at this point, which is what they did. Those two board members are the only ones demonstrating any semblance of 'adult leadership' in this matter.

Press on, Mr. Seaney. I'm curious as to the workings of the selection process for Mr. Lovato. Not that I think he doesn't have the talent and brains to be a good superintendent; it's clear that he does. But this isn't about Mr. Lovato; it's about The Gang of Three and their slippery ways of doing business, and their skills in running a deli.

That shit sandwich thing, you see. Can we have that on a nice rye with a snappy mustard, please? And can I have that as part of the school lunch program?