Dobson does a 'Buck-pedal'

Dobson does a "Buck-pedal".
Dobson's intense distaste for the Clintons is well-known and well-documented. It seems that Dobson - like Billy Graham back in October 2012 - was willing to sell his soul, or least a piece of it in order to lead his unwitting sheep to the Republican trough. He anointed Trump a 'baby Christian.' Now ... Evangelicals could vote for Trump with clear consciences, ignoring Trump's total lack of 'Christian' behavior in his treatment of others.
Unlike Billy Graham, however, Dobson seems to have suffered some murkiness in his own conscience, and has 'walked back' his previous gush over Trump the Christian.

Dobson walks back claim about Trump's born-again conversion

Here's one example of Trump the Christian.

As for Billy Graham ... Evangelicals have long held, often in scathingly un-Christian terms, that Mormons are ... a heretical cult. Not really Christians. Graham was one of the Evangelical leaders who preached that ... till he figured political expediency 'trumped' (sorry, couldn't help myself) religious conviction, and blessed Mitt Romney back in 2012.

Billy Graham's Romney endorsement backfires

Buried somewhere in all that evangelical handwringing is that John 13:34 thing. Buried under the self-serving bullshit of God's professionals.