GOP war-fighting strategy

There was that thing over Ted "I'm a Christian" Cruz's call to 'carpet bomb' ISIS. While that gave all the flag-waving super-patriots red, white, and blue stiffies, it is a stupid thing to think and a stupider thing to say.
Aside from the fact that it goes completely against the laws of warfare - which, by the way, are rooted in those Judeo-Christian 'ethics' and 'values' the 'Christian' Right and the Republicans are so fond of throwing in everyone's faces - it's tactically and strategically unsound. It just doesn't do all that much good.
Sean MacFarland has a pretty good handle on that.
We've done that carpet bombing thing in the past. The Air Force still thinks they won WWII with it. Most recently, and arguably most disastrously, we did it in Cambodia. We started it with Operation MENU and continued it with Operation FREEDOM DEAL. While MENU did not lead to any confirmed civilian casualties/displacement, it is difficult to accept that unrestricted B-52 strikes in the MENU target areas didn't cause some of that. OTOH, FREEDOM DEAL was a civilian bloodbath.
I was there, from the last part of MENU through FREEDOM DEAL, until the last bomb was dropped on 15 August 1973. Most of those bombs were dropped through COMBAT SKYSPOT sites, which were the same radar systems, and the same people, as manned the so-called 'bomb plot' in the Smile Hi.
These 'carpet bombings' accomplished little, other than the destruction of Cambodia and the slaughter of tens of thousands of innocents.
Between MENU and FREEDOM DEAL, the United States dropped 540,000 tons of bombs on Cambodia, most of it on the most populated parts of the country. By comparison, we dropped 180,000 tons on Japan during WWII.
The same thing went on in Laos, in the same manner.

Making more enemies than we kill

But it made the flag-waving super-patriots happy. Cruz' political predecessors walked around with political boners, Proud To Be RealAmericans, as did the flag-wavin' super-patriots in communities across America.
Yeah. Let's hop on the Cruzian bandwagon and do some of that 'carpet bombing.'
And Trump? He's no better: "When you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don't kid yourself. When they say they don't care about their lives, you have to take out their families ...".
I wonder what his 'Christian' Evangelist advisory board has to say about slaughtering civilians. non-combatants.
Oh ... yeah. "Well ... they do it!"
We can only hope they are right with Jesus, though with thinking like that, it's hard to see how they could be.